Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CJ The Musical

Everything good in life is worth waiting for, right? After a lengthy production time, CJ The Musical has finally hit the presses. If you didn't think this site was already overcrowded with bromance, this video will seal the deal.

Spencer and I had a roommate named CJ who went on a mission. We missed him so we came up with the idea to make him a video letting him know that life wasn't as good without him. Here is the final product that will be sent off to CJ himself. It is full of cameo appearances from some of CJ's good friends and a few others who were happy to be filmed for the sake of disrupting missionary work. I'm sure CJ is proud of each and every one of you.

It is full of inside jokes so to those who don't find it funny, I give my two-fold apology

  1. Because you are missing out on some heart-healthy laughter
  2. Because you don't know CJ (he really is that great)
Without further delay (seriously, what's another paragraph - you've waited this long) I present to you CJ The Musical!