Defenseless Slump - 2/16/11
I have disbanded the player rankings for this year. I am currently not interested in taking the time to do them. Why? Because the Jazz are currently not playing very well. Many players are injured. Coaches are retiring. And the rest are as absent as everyone else. If they show signs of life after the all-star break I'll write more about them. Frankly they aren't that interesting right now. I wouldn't want to bore you with my disappointment.

Knicks Breakout - 1/12/11
In a season filled with stress, buzzer beaters, and amazing comebacks it was nice to see a game where the Jazz showed their dominance. Citizen Kirilenko had a nice hustle effort including dunk after dunk after awesome dunk in his debut as an American.

The stat sheet shows CJ shooting dominance scoring 24 points. He actually made 26 but two of them were for the Knicks. Half of the remaining points were ill-advised and early in the shot clock as usual.

A season high of 125 points in a balanced 48 minute effort with exciting plays throughout is a nice change of pace from the hair-pullers we're use to.

No secret - I love the Utah Jazz. It seems that many people think they know a lot about the Jazz, yet rarely watch games. You know this guy. He's the guy who mentions some quotes from the paper and thinks Sloan has no business being a coach. He might have even caught the fourth quarter last night. He probably thinks Boozer is just injured and sitting on the bench this season. I actually watch them and I think I actually know what I'm talking about. So I decided that rather than have you trust what your brother, grandma, or supervisor have to say about them, you should trust me.

Below are my current Jazz rankings. To help keep my rankings from being too biased, I have a computer calculate half of the rankings based on season averages. The other half comes from my own analysis (including intangibles which perhaps your grandma didn't notice) with emphasis on the most recent games. Rankings are update every few days. So the next time you're standing around talking Jazz you can mention how terrible/great so and so is playing without revealing you don't know anything to people like me. Movement is in (parenthesis).

1 - Deron Williams
2 - Paul Millsap
3 - Al Jefferson
4 - Andrei Kirilenko
5 - Raja Bell
6 - C.J. Miles
7 - Earl Watson (+1)
8 - Mehmet Okur (-1)
9 - Gordon Hayward
10 - Ronnie Price
11 - Jeremy Evans (+2)
12 - Kyrylo Fesenko (-1)
13 - Francisco Elson (-1)
(last updated: 1/12/11)

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