If you are sitting around bored looking for things to do on the internet (which you must be if you are actually viewing this page) then here are a few of my top web picks. I have searched and scoured the internet media during my bored time so that your bored time can be as productive as possible.

Shaytards Vlog
I found the Shaytard vlog a few year ago, right around the time they became popular on YouTube. If it’s not entertaining to you, at least it’s inspiring that some guy now makes a living out of holding a video camera in front of his face for ten minutes a day. He’s entertaining enough that 400,000 people will watch ten minutes of his day rather than live ten minutes of their own day. 

If you don’t want to believe that your own life has succumbed to watching someone else live, then you can just check out my top picks from the Shaytards YouTube channel and see just the episodes that I have found to be the most entertaining. I’ll keep looking for more.



Tucker Debevec - This guy makes some pretty sweet videos. He is a student studying video communications and each video he puts out is better than the last. You can also check the latest video he has worked on in my blog.


Still bored? Here are some of my reading recommendations.

Spencer Hansen - If you love blogs where people post what their baby ate for breakfast, photos of their adorable new puppy, of how they’re so sick of the gossip at work, then this is not a blog for you. 

Dallin Webb - Reading his blogs is like watching a movie. Fantastic in-his-shoes dialog. 

Landon Squire - Movie reviews and original comics galore. 

Do you have any other suggestions of what else people should do to waste time on the internet? Comment below and we can check them out.

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