Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

As the eggnog hangover comes to an end, we send our deepest wishes to you this holiday season. The year 2010 was spectacular for Nathan and Spencer. We are so proud of their great and many accomplishments. Nathan and Spencer have been geographically separated for the past several months. This trial and hardship has only served to deepen their relationship. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder!

While you hold this letter with your hands, we want you to know that some hands are more special. Spencer and Nathan both had the great honor this year to touch (or be touched) by some of the greatest hands this world has ever seen. The NFL all-time leader in receptions and receiving yards, Jerry Rice, grasped each of their hands firmly and spoke words of kindness and respect on one occasion. (Thanks Bryan for making this dream come true.) Nathan was also fortunate enough to be touched by the hand of the NBA all-time second leader in scoring and leader in free throws made, Karl Malone. The Mailman stroked his chest and said, "I like your shirt man. Old school."

These extraordinary events have caused both Nathan and Spencer to have an increased desire for athletic achievement. Our video gaming has decreased and our video living has increased. They take to the court most Tuesdays and Thursdays (weather permitting) and have improved much over the past year. Spencer recorded a record five blocks in one game and has mastered the art of dribbling. He continues to hone his baseline hook and soaring floater. Nathan continues to improve with increased shooting percentage, dynamic footwork, and a low post presence making him a force in the paint. Also, in a recent flag football game, Nathan recorded his career longest pass reception for a touchdown (62 yards/48 YAC) and Spencer tallied a benchmark 50 career interceptions.

Spencer's beard is also doing quite well. Despite being called the bearded buffoon on occasion, he has remained optimistic and diligent in growing out his beard for Halloween and dance party costumes, terrorist negotiations, and female repulsion. Repulsion is our business. And business is good. Aside from the few naysayers, Spencer's beard has received accolades from the Utah State University Huntsman School of Business Dean, Spanish professor Extraordinaire and esteemed poet Kevin Krogue, and the Student Body President of Hillcrest Elementary School in Logan.

Although we hold a strict no bravery policy, girls (and boys) continue to make their way into our social circles. On dates we promise fake cuddling but real pizza. We have continued to befriend as many people as are willing to take the plunge and have enjoyed invitations to several parties, weekend excursions, mission farewells, and family vacations. We are pleased to announce that combined friendship increased 32% over the past year making it third place behind 2009 and the year Spencer met Bunna (100% increase). We attribute that increase to the demand for Spencer's magic show, the young impressionable age of our most recent friends, and the mystery of whether or not Nathan is seeing someone. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our social successes and entertainments. We are extremely appreciative to those who provided us with Jazz tickets, spectacular board games, movies and television shows, taggings on Facebook, lodging in Southern California, car rides to activities, delicious chocolate cookies, trail mix, relatives' hot tubs, and little smokies. We couldn't have done it without you!

Despite the wonderful times and treasures, not every moment was one that one wishes to remember. Spencer's heart was broken on several occasions by girls, pizza companies, and cats. He is doing much better and has come to terms with the fact that girls desire abstinent missionary service after dating him, the economy is affecting everyone, and cats (like him) prefer female companionship.

Both received high honors and graduated this year from Utah State University. We are so proud of them! Spencer and Nathan are currently unemployed.

Happy Holidays,

Spencer and Nathan

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Dallin Webb said...

I'm always a fan of your combined efforts.